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About Lawn Garnish - Lawn Garnish

About Lawn Garnish

Lawn Garnish

Lawn Garnish is a blog with an article dedicated to helping canopy tent owners (and would-be canopy tent owners) understand, fix, operate and maintain the canopy tents; whether beach tents, party tents, or commercial tents. It was founded by Smith way back in May 2018.


I, Smith, have loved lawns and tents since my first one back in 2010. All in all, I’ve owned 4 tents, purchasing 2 of those new recently. Years of work on my lawns helped me with great experiences and as a result I made it look beautiful(Of course with so many trials and errors). The work I did on my lawns gave me some great learnings. After using the tents for years helped me navigate the world of tents, and while I’m still learning, I love to pass on the information I’ve learned from each of those experiences. So with this site, you can expect articles on;

  • How to buy a new tent
  • How to take care of your lawn
  • Maintainance
  • Accessories
  • Repairs
  • Safety tips
  • Lawnmowers

And I’ve also planned on growing this site by incorporating information on Awnings and Gazebos.


Most of the Lawn Garnish readers are based in the United States (75%), with the remaining portion coming from Australia and Canada: Most of my readers are between the ages of 24-55 and about a 60/40 split between men and women. Over time, as my site ages and grows, those demographics may change.