Clam Quick Set Escape Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

Clam Quick Set Escape Reviews

The Clam Quick-Set Escape is an excellent screen house weighs around 34 pounds. It comes in a 6-foot-long, ski-bag-shaped carry case. But, it is too big to fit into most sedan truck.

When we pulled it out of the case we were skeptical about erecting it in 45 seconds. The manufacturer promised it but we were skeptical about it initially. But, they proved us wrong.

This hexagonal screen house pulls open like an accordion: When you pull the looped handle firmly(which is located in the middle) each of its walls pops out evenly. Then the last step is popping up the roof, which is a cakewalk. The roof has a generous center height of 7 feet 6 inches.

No sleeves to thread them through, No poles to connect, this screen house is great and easy to set-up. Even a single person can pop it up without any help.

My friends and family members were amazed when I set it up within 45 seconds. Putting it down is also very similar. The step by step instructional video for set-up will be given in the detailed section below.

Clam Quick-Set Escape Reviews (Product Variations)

Quick-Set Traveler Shelter
Quick-Set Traveler Shelter
Clam Quick Set Escape Reviews
Quick-Set Escape Shelter
Clam Quick Set Escape Reviews
Quick-Set Escape Shelter
Quick-Set Pavilion
Quick-Set Pavilion
Quick-Set Excursion Canopies
Quick-Set Excursion Canopies
Interior Space36 sq. ft.94 sq. ft.110 sq. ft.110 sq. ft.188 sq. ft.
ColorsBrown or GreenBrown, Green, or CamouflageBrownBrown or CamouflageBrown
Weight20lbs34lbs37lbs41lbs55 lbs
Fire Retardant compliant in USA & CanadaYesYesYesYesYes
Materials210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening
SeamsWater resistant roof with taped seamsWater resistant roof with taped seamsWater resistant roof with taped seamsWater resistant roof with taped seamsWater resistant roof with taped seams
Assembly / Set-Up45 seconds, Ready to use right out of the box45 seconds, Ready to use right out of the box45 seconds, Ready to use right out of the box45 seconds, Ready to use right out of the box60 seconds, Ready to use right out of the box
Rain /Wind PanelsWeather panels sold separately. Weather panels sold separately. Weather panels sold separately. Attached, adjustable zippered weather panels.Weather panels sold separately.

Our Choice

clam quick set escape canopies review

Clam Quick-Set Escape Features

This product is filled with many features. In this Clam Quick-Set Escape reviews, we will be covering only the appealing features. You may see other features here.


Clam Quick Set Escape ReviewsThe heavy-duty materials and the construction make this Clam Quick-Set Escape shelter more durable. It is constructed with heavy-duty 210-denier poly oxford walls and the heftiest bug-blocking no-see-um mesh. This makes it appropriate for people who often camp in rainy and windy weather.

You can use the optional side panels to make the interior dark. But the thicker, darker netting makes the whole structure shadier without the side walls. We may appreciate Clam’s dark interior in the beating sun. But the thick and dark netting makes the interior gloomy in already-dark weather.

The material is waterproof. When sheltering inside it, you do not have to be scared of water getting inside. The rain flaps can be used to prevent water from dripping inside the shelter which is sold separately on Amazon.

210 denier poly-oxford fabric in the center section of the roof and with 50+ UV guard protection Quick-Set Escape prevents you from sunburns. Which allows you to camp even in extreme weather.


This calm quick set escape comes in four colors. Many campers tested and loved the muted colors of this shelter which comes in brown and green. The brown version, which typically costs about $20 or $30 more, because of the 2-inch flap of fabric at the roof-line for added rain protection. If you’re a regular camper or someone loves to camp on downpours, we recommend the brown tent.

Easy To Put Up

Fast and Easy 45 Second SetupThis is the main highlight of this screen house. You can set it up in just 45 seconds. It is ready to use right out of the box.

NOTE: No assembly and disassembly required.

This product is as easy as an umbrella when setting it up. You do not need to assemble anything at all. That is where this screen house is different from other rivals. Many other shelters and tents take a large chunk of your time just setting it up. But with this shelter, you don’t have to lose any of your time.

All you need is just 45 seconds. Lay the Clam Quick-Set Escape shelter flat, pop out the 5 hubs, push the roof up and you’re ready. Moreover, since there is nothing to disassemble you can just fold it easily. When your camping is all done, stow your shelter in the carry bag which is included with it.

Very Spacious

It has 94 square feet of interior space. And 90″ center height clearance. To put it up in other words 6-8 people can be easily accommodated.

The Clan Quick-Set Escape(110 total square feet) is large enough to accommodate a picnic table inside it. This means that you can eat, read, and place your items on the table when you are inside.

In many tents, canopies, and gazeboes standing inside the shelter is always a challenge. Due to a large space and height clearance, you can stand and walk around inside Clan Quick-Set Escape instead of just sitting and laying down as it happens with other shelters.

The Stakes

The stakes included with the Clam Quick-Set Escape are stronger and bigger than any other stakes we’ve reviewed so far. In fact, it is also stronger than any car-camping tent stakes we tested so far. But when your tent already huge and weighs around 37 pounds, who cares about the stakes.

Wind Panel

Even though it is UV rays protected there is no escape from the humidity. If you’re supposed to be camping in hot places you may feel uncomfortable inside the shelter due to the humidity.

To overcome such issues, this product is designed with wind panel accessories. This will regulate the humidity inside the shelter and allows the breeze to get in.


The weight of the Quick-Set Escape Shelter is 37lbs. This means you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. You will get a carry bag along with this product which makes the portability easy.

NOTE: Before keeping the shelter packed in, make sure to clean the tent well. Storing the tent with dust and water reduces the life of the shelter.

Sealed Option

During the night or when it is raining, the shelter can be fully sealed with a strong zip attached to it. This helps prevent cold, and it also prevents animals or insects from getting in.

It is fully safe and functional as a house when you are out camping, picnics, and other activities like sports events.

It Can Fit Anywhere

This shelter can be placed anywhere. It can be in the open field, on top of the mountain, at the shores near the beach or any area that you like.

All you need to do is to look for a good area you like and you set it in a minute or less.

Screen Canopy Build For Your Lifestyle

Quick Set Canopy Reviews


  • This shelter is good for any kind of activity. It can be camping, picnic or any other events like sports and games.
  • It takes a very short time to set (45 Seconds) since there is no assembly required.
  • The shelter is waterproof and the zips are water-resistant. So you are totally safe from water dripping in.
  • It has a good mesh that prevents bugs from getting in.
  • It has a large space that is enough for a picnic table. Along with that, it can accommodate a few people inside. In fact, it is big enough for you to walk around inside it.
  • This shelter enables you to open up its roof for ventilation.
  • The rain flaps (Sold separately) prevent the rainwater from getting in.
  • The wind panel accessories help you regulate the amount of heat inside the shelter.


  • This shelter has about 5 or more sides. This makes it large.
  • It may require a bigger space when packing.
  • Not easy to use in a small space.
  • It is slightly on the expensive side.

Final Verdict

After going through this Clam Quick-Set Escape Reviews you might have come up with your own decisions by now. But to make it even more convenient for you let us tell you who should choose this Quick-Set Escape Shelter.

If you’re looking for high-quality and long-lasting use this is an ideal shelter. Easy setup, large space, good height clearance, UV rays protection, bugs protection, the solid waterproof fabric adds value to the product. However, it comes with a price. It is definitely on the expensive side. But it worth every penny you spend on it.

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