Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Reviews

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Reviews

Coleman instant screened canopy is one of the most trusted names and popular when it comes to outdoor gear. You can get whatever you want for your next outdoor adventure at Coleman, including instant screened canopy, instant pop up canopies, picnic tables, bug nets etc…

They come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and your outdoor recreational activities will never be the same again.

Although there are several Coleman products, in this article we will go through Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Reviews.

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Variations

Coleman Instant Screenhouse
Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Reviews
12*10 FeetInstant4.5/5Amazon Price
Coleman Instant Screenhouse (Green Big)
Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Green Big
15*13 FeetInstant4.3/5Amazon Price
Coleman Instant Screenhouse (Green Small)
Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Green Small
10*10 FeetInstant4.3/5Amazon Price

Why Choose the Coleman Instant Screened Canopy?

In simple words, the Coleman canopy is worth every dollar you spend on it.

Most other screen houses have complicated and additional structure and it makes it difficult to set up. But Coleman screened canopy has a simple structure and this makes it easier to put up and pull down. It only takes three minutes and 3 steps to put up or pull down. It requires minimum of 2 person to assemble.

You also get a wheeled carry bag with the Coleman instant screen house. This ensures that you move it with ease no matter the size of the screen house. And it will fit perfectly in most cars.

Coleman screened canopies are insect proof and come with UVGuard 50+ UPF sun protection. You are well protected from flying and clawing bugs, the wind, the sun with the 90 square feet of shade. This makes it perfect for all outdoor activities from picnics, camping, at the beach and so much more.

The accessibility is another eye-catching feature it has. It comes with 2 large doors for easy access in the front and at the back. Most other canopies have just one small door for your entry.

Besides all this, you get a one-year warranty.

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Review

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Features

Brace yourself for one of the best and in-depth Coleman instant canopy reviews. We will look at the features which is one of the most purchased screen canopies on Amazon among other e-commerce sites.

Durable Materials

Coleman screened canopy comes with highly durable Polyguard 2X and it uses two thick fabrics. The fabric slows down strong winds into a gentle breeze. The Polyguard 2X is certified UVGuard 50+ and with 90 square feet of shade, you will not be complaining of sunburns. You also get 8 feet and 4 inches of headroom at the center making it a perfect for the taller people in your party.

TIP: Never store the canopy without brushing off dirt and drying it thoroughly, even for a short period of time.

Easy Set Up

This has to be the easiest screen house to put up. There are three easy and simple steps to putting it up and pull down. You will, however, need the help of at least one person to set it up.

coleman pop up canopy reviews
3 Step Setup Process

– Open the telescopic frame up
– Fix the top cover
– Extend the frame to your desired height and add the side panels

It is as easy as that. It will not take you more than 5 minutes. We have seen fast workers putting it up in a mere 3 minutes. The set-up time can be longer based on the average type of Coleman screen house you have got.

TIP: This Coleman instant screened canopy requires minimum of 2 person to assemble.

Pre-attached poles

It does not look great at first, but the pre-attached poles make a lot of sense. It adds value to the table and gives you a much better convenience. In simple words, the pre-attached poles make the experience a bit more cumbersome.


coleman pop up canopy reviewsThe Coleman instant screen house has two t-shaped doors, one at the front, another at the back. This allows easy accessibility from any side. We, however, recommend that you keep one closed if you are not using it. Because, it give you more space inside the canopy. And it also allows you to keep the corner tables without taking more space.

PLEASE NOTE: The lapels of the door can be tied to the sides to keep them open.

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Durability Test

In the videos below you will see how Coleman tests the durability of their tents and screen houses.

coleman pop up canopy reviews
Flame Alert. credit:

How to store Coleman Instant Screen House?

1. All components should be very clean and dry before placing in carrying case.
2. First Remove all the fabric from the frame for storage.
3. Then, to prevent damage to the fabric, all the stakes must to placed in the storage bag.
4. Store in a dry and clean area.

Why Buy the Coleman Instant Screen House?

While there are several similar products on the market, there is no doubt that the Coleman company is the trailblazer. Do you hate how most tents and screen houses that use pinch adjusters during set up? The Coleman Company has introduced the first of its kind a comfortable grip that works more or less like a light switch.

Above all this, here are the reasons why you ought to consider the Coleman company’s screen house over the competition

– Durable Polyguard fabric with UVGuard technology
– Easy access with two doors
– Set it up in under 5 minutes
– The wheeled carry bag which fits in most trucks
– Use it for a wide range of activities

Even if you’re stuck in a storm with the Coleman Screen house, you only need to secure it to the ground with the guy lines and steel rods. We’re sure that is will withstand wind speeds of over 30 miles per hour.

We have tested the Coleman screen houses and this is arguably one of the best in the market. You can get it on Amazon. There are several payment plans you can use in order to get it. And you can also make sure that what we have covered here is the real deal, go through the Amazon Coleman instant screened canopy reviews and judge for yourself. Check Coleman Canopy Reviews On Amazon

DID YOU KNOW: Tree sap, tree limbs, bird droppings, and moisture steadily dripping off tree limbs can cause damage to the Coleman screen house fabric. As the result it create leaks or loss of flame-resistant properties.

The Drawback

Most Coleman instant screened canopy reviews cover the good about the product. However, during testing, we found a flaw but it is hardly a deal breaker. If you are caught in the rain, the seams will allow the water inside. It is not waterproof. To prevent it you can get a tent waterproof spray for just $5 and you will be all set to whatever mother nature throws at you.

NOTE: The net is not intended for regular use. It is intended for occasional short-term use only.


It’s very hard to point to flaws in this Coleman canopy. It is a little bit expensive but its worth every penny you spend. If you’re concerned about continuous and long-term use, for example, to put it up in the garden it may not be the best choice.

Because few customers have complained that after heavy exposure to the sun the fabric apparently degraded. But that’s not the end. The Coleman rep confirmed that it cannot handle continuous exposure to UV/Sun. But they have sent a replacement top, under warranty.

But for camping and occasional use, this is a great canopy. No problem what so ever in regards to material, structure, assembly etc..

We recommend this instant screened canopy for the following reasons

– Wide room to accommodate various camping and outdoor furniture
– Easy to set up
– Two door accessibility
– It protects you from harmful UV rays as well as crawling and flying bugs
– It can maintain its structural integrity in harsh weather
– You get a payment plan and one-year warranty

There you have it, one of the best pop up canopy you will get. We do appreciate your feedback especially if you have used it before. Share with us your experience in the comment section below and help other outdoor enthusiasts make the best choice.

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