How do custom pop-up tents help in customer engagement?

How do custom pop-up tents help in customer engagement

Custom pop-up tents are a great way to bring diversification to your business and catch your client’s eye. Whether it is a business expo, a birthday party, an engagement, or a gathering of friends, canopy tents cater to every need. This versatility of the canopy tent is its greatest advantage when it comes to customer engagement.

Pop-up canopy tents offer a wide range of choices of design. Using a custom pop-up tent, you can create a unique ambiance. During optimal weather conditions, your customers can enjoy the mild breeze wafting in. At the same time, it will protect them from the elements.

A designer with an eye for detail can customize your tent to provide the best visual experience for customers. This is synchronous with highlighting the flexibility of your brand. It shows customers that you are not a business that caters to a single occasion, but various types.

If you own a store, it is easy to grab attention when you are marketing new products. The open space that a tent affords helps walk-ins from different directions. This is unlike a storefront, which provides limited visibility. Creative placement of banners, signs, and merchandise in a canopy tent can translate into more business than in a store.

During a conference, a custom pop-up tent is one of the best ways to display your products. It is also an enterprising way to showcase any new ideas or innovations. Your company benefits from the exposure. At the same time, you are not spending a lot on the setup or manpower.

The Benefits of Using Custom Canopy Tent for your Outdoor Events

There a quite a few ways in which using a custom canopy tent for outdoor events can benefit a company.

Brand Promotion: A custom tent will display the brand’s logo. At most outdoor events, canopy tents will be set up next to each other. A custom canopy tent will scream out the brand to the visitors and helps them identify your brand. This is the ultimate aim of a business owner: make sure of the greatest visibility of the brand. The placement of your brand logo and other related paraphernalia is flexible when using canopy tents. You can draw attention to these with some creative planning.

Versatility: A custom tent offers a cost-effective solution to financial constraints. The use of a canopy tent is not restricted to times when a company has to display at an event. Canopy tents are very versatile. They can be erected outside a showroom or an office to drive more customers in. With some creative lighting and innovative designs, you can explore various ways in which to present your brand. You can add some live plants, artificial fauna, fairy lights, and décor to alter the canopy tents to suit your needs.

Professionalism: The wall and ceiling space can also be customized in various ways. You can create myriad designs that draw attention to the walls or ceiling space, according to requirements. You can alter them to accommodate different numbers of guests. Business and trade expos can also enjoy the same tents. You can showcase your professionalism to your visitors.

Cost-Effectiveness: Tents are also easy to assemble and dismantle. This makes it a preferred choice for companies as they do not need to spend on logistics and manpower. Most tents are modular irrespective of the material used and can be dismantled into a small package. This makes them portable to take to various events. Assembly does not need any special tools or personnel and can be put up and taken down by the company personnel themselves.

Protection from the Elements: Canopy tent frames are usually made of materials like steel, aluminum, and durable tarpaulin that are UV-coated and water-resistant. So a company can have any event regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. They are sturdy even in unpredictable weather. This ensures that the weather conditions outside do not permeate into the tent, keeping it comfortable.

Ease of Use: Canopy tents are inexpensive. Taking into account that they can be set up almost anywhere – whether out on the road, at an event, or your property; ease of setting up, and no specialized personnel required, the initial cost paid on the tent can be written off in no time.

What would be the ideal color for a canopy tent to increase customer engagement? 

Most canopy tents come in white or grey and these are the colors that will be seen at events. Custom canopy tents offer a way to stand out from the crowd and engage customers at first glance. With the advent of technology, canopy tents can be customized in a variety of colors and finishes like stripes and chequered. The best part of this is that the canopy can carry the company logo.

On colors, some work more than others. Recommendations vary based on the company logo, the products being sold, and other criteria. Some of the colors that have the best impact on customer engagement are listed below:

Blue – is a color that is pleasing to the eyes, being one of the colors of nature. Blues tend to give a friendly and crisp impression that implies professionalism. It is also the color that blends with others and creates a feeling of calm. A pastel shade of blue could help you garner more attention to your brand logo than a white background.

Darker colors like black – are generally shunned, it can make a tent stand out from the rest of the field by making it look sophisticated and classy. Blacks and other dark colors will work well with automotive and alcohol brands and give off a vibe of being luxurious and exquisite. Black works well with those brands whose logos contain orange or yellow, especially for brands that hope to portray a fire or zest for adventure, life, and so on. Black could serve as a backdrop for some amazing décor or trance-like designs. It also serves as a good camouflage option for an outdoor event that is taking place at night and includes barbecues.

Red – is the boldest, most expressive color out there. Shades of red signify flashiness and vibrancy and are great for tents representing cosmetics and fashion brands. They are also eye-catching. They could help attract a larger audience to stalls of businesses that profess to live life on the edge.

Green is generally associated with calming and soothing. The use of green on a canopy makes it look peaceful and wholesome. Green ones work best for health and wellness brands. They provide a sense of well-being as well.

Should the tables and chairs have a logo to match the canopy tent?

While the canopy itself draws the customer to an event, the interiors also play a big role in conversion. The versatile nature of these tents helps you to draw attention to either the walls or the ceiling space, and away from corners that you wish to remain invisible. While the interior walls of a canopy tent can also be customized with the logo and colors, one of the key factors is the tables and chairs used inside the tent.

Most event management companies offer chair decoration services, where the chair is covered by a colored cover and decorated with satin or other materials. This can be further customized by adding logos to the chairs. If the company is choosing to do a lot of outdoor events, an investment of this type will be beneficial in bringing together all the elements inside the tent cohesively and uniformly.

Light chairs with supportive backing go a long way in ensuring that the guests or clients using these do not complain. Another use of these chairs is that they can be used in various arrangements- in a cluster around the center of the tent, in small groups spread all over the area, or even in neat rows. Arrangements, of course, depend on the type of ceremony that the tent is set up for.

Which is the best pop-up canopy tent brand that offers customization?

While many event management companies offer tents for rental, some companies focus on custom tents.,, all offer custom tents that can be personalized any which way you want. These websites also have various delivery options, given that you may need a tent for an event that is taking place in a short period.

Anchor Industries manufactures some of the most sought-after tents in America. Fabritecture is another option if you are looking for a tent that would suit your needs. You could contact Assessment for rentals. Most of the companies offer buying options. They customize the tents to suit your requirements and offer options on color, size, and material.

How much, in general, does a custom pop-up canopy tent cost (With Customization)?

 A basic custom pop-up tent that measures 10×10 feet with varying degrees of customization can range from $350 to $1200. The price may vary depending on the level of customization. There are quite a few varieties and sizes available and costs are dependent on what you want.

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