How Do You Fix a Bent Pop Up Canopy Tent

How Do You Fix a Bent Pop Up Canopy Tent

When the canopy tent frame is bent, it affects the structure of the whole tent. If the structure of the canopy tent is not ideal, then the tent may collapse (rare case), leading to possible injuries. So a bent (broken) frame is a dangerous sign for a canopy tent. So, how do you fix a bent pop up canopy tent?

A bent (broken) canopy tent frames can be fixed using a hammer, braces, curtain rods, plumbing pipes, wood pieces, and metal sheets. Most of the canopy tent manufacturers don’t sell the single frame pole separately. If you can find the replacement from your manufacturer that is the best way to fix the bent canopy tent.

In case you’re not able to get the replacement from the manufacturer, the bad news is there is no easy way to fix the tent. Replacing the whole tent frame is out of the equation; because it can be expensive.

The good news is you can still fix the bend. We will give you some ideas here to help you solve the issue with some tools.

Fix the frame permanently using braces

How Do You Fix a Bent Pop Up Canopy Tent

This is the best possible way to fix the frames permanently. Get the straight braces from the nearby store. Insert the braces into the frames. Drill where you want the bolt to be inserted by marking the area precisely. Use the nuts and bolts to fit it. And that should be it. The canopy frames should get back to the normal structure and it should also withstand harsh weather without any issues. The video below gives you clear and step by step instructions to help fix your canopy tent (The brand of the canopy tent can be different for each one of you, but the process to repair the bend frame is almost the same).

Use the hammer

It is a straightforward solution. Inspect the bent area of the frame and remove it. Move onto a concrete floor (which should be flat) and keep the tent frame on the floor. The flat concrete floor should help you find how bent the pole is.

Use the hammer to carefully hit the bent area continuously till it flattens up alongside the floor. These days most of the canopy tent comes with a powder-coated steel frame; hence, breaking the frame is not that easy. You can hit the pole without worrying much about the breakage.

If you hit the bent area continuously, the tent frame should become straight. Fix the frame using the nuts and bolts so the tent should be ready to go.

NOTE: This method works only for the bends not for breakages.

Use a steel curtain rod

This is an unusual way to solve this problem. In some cases where the tent frame is completely broken, the hammer won’t help you fix it; and is not possible. As we know, finding the replacement is not easy as well. In this case, you can measure the size of the broken frame and get a steel curtain rod for the same size. Insert the rod inside the frames or you can replace the broken frame completely.

Make sure to get good quality steel (same material as your canopy frame if possible). You should also get the rubber bushes if the steel part has to be kept on the floor or if it’s the center part, you should get the plastics to join with the existing poles.

Plumbing pipes

Assuming the canopy frame is broken (or torn in the bolt area), you may try inserting the pluming pipes inside the frames after straightening it. If you can find plumbing pipes thin enough to get into the frames then it works beautifully. It will get stuck inside the steel frame, and it can hold the nuts and bolts securely. But finding the ideal plumbing pipe that fits the size of your canopy frame can be challenging.

Wood pieces

A block of strong wood can hold heavyweights. Measure the broken piece (including the nut and bolt area) and get a solid wood for that size. You can insert the wood onto the connecting frame by shaping the wood (at least the end portion which gets inserted into the frame). Woods are known for holding bolts and nuts tighter. So you can rest assured that the canopy frame can hold the top with ease.

Metal sheet

Get lightweight metal sheets that can be fitted inside the steel frame. The metal sheets act as a support for the frame. Moreover, it can be drilled through for inserting the bolts. Keep this as the last solution. This is the least recommended way to fix the bent pop up canopy tent.

What is the preferred way to fix a bend canopy tent?

If you can able to find replacement frames for your canopy tent from the manufacturer, that would be the best possible solution to a bent canopy tent. In case you’re not able to find the replacement, braces would be the best alternative way to fix the tent. Woods, curtain rods, plumbing pipes everything works great but you should keep that as the alternate choice to the braces.

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