How to Hang a Curtain On a Canopy Tent?

How to Hang a Curtain On a Canopy Tent

A pop-up canopy tent serves as an on-call outdoor living space, ready whenever and wherever needed. Adding curtains to the canopy tent gives it an airy vibe and keeps out insects (if you use sheer curtains) and adds protection from the outside weather (especially during rain) if the curtains are water-resistant. But how to hang a curtain on the canopy tent?

The easiest way to install a curtain on a canopy tent is by using a curtain tension rod. Curtain rods for outdoor use can be installed on the frames of the canopy tent. Use UV rays-protected and water-resistant curtains that can protect you from harsh weather and also gives you privacy inside the tent.

Are curtains for canopy worth it?

It feels quite nice to put up a curtain in your canopy when you need some privacy. It is very helpful during the rainy season where the curtains protect you and the products you have from the splashing rainwater. Some curtains give protection from harmful UV rays as well. So curtains are all-season all-weather protection for you and your products. 

Curtains are not necessary when you use the canopy tent in your backyard. Canopy sidewalls are the better option since they can completely cover the canopy from all four sides. But, during the art shows or craft shows, or any other outdoor events you want the people to see the store so they can purchase your products. If you use sidewalls it gives a closed feeling so the customers may not enter your store. In this scenario, curtains are a better option it gives privacy and protects you from the weather elements at the same time people can feel that your store is open.

Curtains are useful if your canopy tent is used for outdoor events. Curtains are not necessary if the canopy stays in your backyard.

How do I stop my canopy curtains from blowing?

Although we cannot control the wind, we can mediate how much billowing can happen with the curtains. Here are some ideas to keep curtains of your canopy from blowing:

  • Tie the canopy curtain with a rope and tie it to the frames. 
  • Thread a cable through the hem in the bottom and connect the ends of the curtains to the canopy stakes. (You need to buy canopy stakes separately)
  • You can weigh the curtains down by filling the bottom hem with pebbles or sand.

What curtain material is best suited for a canopy tent?

When it comes to choosing a curtain for your canopy, it involves the matter of fabric because the material will determine how the canopy curtains will hold up. We narrowed down the options for you so that you can choose the perfect fabric for your canopy tent.

PVC Transparent Curtains

PVC transparent curtains are a low-cost shield for business owners across industries. This type of fabric serves the purpose of resisting contamination and controlling temperature. It also offers other benefits, such as:

Durability: These transparent plastic curtains have excellent physical properties, which keep them durable for up to a few years even when used outdoors.

Noise Control: Let’s say your tent is near a busy road and there is a lot of noise all around. This type of curtain helps control noise to a certain extent. The easiest way you can avoid noise disturbances is by using a transparent plastic curtain. Installing a transparent curtain will improve the flow of pedestrians and vehicles around your site too.

Protection from Contaminants: If you are in a business where you need to spray chemicals in large quantities, you would not want the contaminants spreading to other areas. Installing a PVC transparent curtain for separation can be a cost-effective way to tackle the mess.

Fabric Roller Blinds

You can get the best of both worlds by pairing sunscreen for your canopy tent along with a block-out roller blind. The sunscreen roller blind can offer most daytime privacy while letting natural light slip. If you plan to keep your tent up out till late in the evening, a block-out roller blind is your go-to curtain choice. It can offer night-time privacy and calmness by blocking street lights and reflections and honking cars. 

Silk Fabric

If you’re in a hot and humid area, we suggest opting for silk fabrics. The sheer effect of silk curtains leaves room for air to pass. Although it’s more expensive than cotton or other fabrics, this type is surely the most elegant. If you use the canopy tent for outdoor events this is not a versatile option.

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