How To Light Up a Canopy Tent By Yourself

How To Light Up a Canopy Tent By Yourself

You may be using your canopy tent for craft shows or farmers market or even in your backyard; lights are necessary for your canopy tent in the evenings. There’s nothing more frustrating than setting up your canopy tent and stepping inside in the evening and being in total darkness. So, how to light up a canopy tent?

There are different kinds of lights designed for canopy tents. You can light up the canopy tent by using string lights, portable lights, mini flashlights, light strips, and even the led lights that we use in our home. Every light is different and the way to put up these lights will also differ. So, you should understand your requirements before buying one.

How to find the right light for your canopy tent

Are you going to use the lights to illuminate the inside of your canopy tent? Or you want to decorate the outdoors and the top of your canopy tent?

If you want to decorate your whole canopy tent, then you must look for waterproof lights. Since the lights are going to be on the outside, it may be prone to rain.

String lights and strip lights are ideal for decorative purposes. Most of those lights are weather tight. Do some math to find the size of the canopy tent and the area you want to cover. Based on the measured length, you may get the lights. In this category, Koxly LED Globe String Decorative Lighting is a fantastic choice. CanopyBrightz LED Tailgate Canopy Lighting Kit is specifically designed for pop up canopy tents.

If you want to illuminate the lights inside the canopy tent, there are many choices. In fact, you can put up any kind of lights inside the tent. You may choose the lightings based on your taste.

When you’re lighting inside the canopy tent, you should be conscious of the shadows that the light can create. Some lights will produce harsh shadows if you move inside the tent. It gives you an uncomfortable feeling, so we suggest you go with diffused light that doesn’t have any shadow issues when you move inside the tent.  

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern is our first choice to light up the interior of your canopy tent. This tent light is a combination lamp and fan — with a built-in handle with a hanging hook. You can simply hook it to the ceiling of your tent. 

You can also use FengChi LED Camping Tent Light or pair them together to increase the amount of light you have.

The only downside of these lights is, it is not remote controlled. You want to have the option of controlling the lights anywhere around the tent. So it’s wise to go with remote-based lightings. Remember to choose frequency-based remote rather than infrared-based remote, so you can control the lights even from the outside of the tent.

TaoTronics Led Strip Lights is remote controlled lights which are perfect for your canopy tent. It comes with many features like voice control, sync with the music, timer settings, wifi, and Bluetooth control via the app, etc. It comes in multicolor you can choose the color that fits in. Remember, colors like yellow are bug resistant. You don’t want to attract bugs with bright colors. So, choose the color with care. 

Can I permanently fix the strip lights on my canopy tent?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to remove the lights after sticking it to the frames. Remember, not to fix the lights on the sliding frame or any place closer to that sliding area. 

Fix the lights in the center of the canopy tent. The lights can stay there permanently even when you’re folding the canopy tent. However, you may need to remove the power source (the battery holder) when you put down the canopy tent.

How to install strip lights on a canopy tent?

We will break down the process in steps. These steps will help you install strip lights in your canopy tent.

Step 1: Measure the mounting surface and make sure the strip lights will fit into that area.

Step 2: Wipe down the mounting area and keep it clean and dry for installation — so the strip lights will adhere to the support arms.

Step 3: Take the strip lights and peel the backing off and stick to the support arms.

Step 4: Connect the wires to the strip lights and power supply with the included connectors. 

Step 5: Attach the battery pack in a frame using the included hook-and-loop strap.

Now the lights should be good to go.

NOTE: The installation of the lights will vary based on the type of lights source. These steps will help you install a strip light on your canopy tent. You can see a useful video below (it helps you in the installation process) and the link to Amazon, where you can purchase the lights. 

Canopy Tent Light:  CanopyBrightz LED Tailgate Canopy Lighting Kit

How to install string lights to a canopy tent?

Hanging string lights to the canopy tent is a little difficult compared to the strip lights. 

Step 1: Get small hooks to attach to the frame of your canopy tent. You can even use tapes, threads, or anything that holds the string lights to the frame. Be innovative but don’t make the frames dirty.

Step 2: Hang the string lights to those hooks or anything of your choice to hold down the string lights.

Step 3: Connect the wire to the power supply.

NOTE: String lights are a little complicated to install and it’s not rigid enough to stay on the canopy tent. So, we don’t recommend it for your canopy tent. 

SOS facility in the lights

If your lights have an SOS facility it’s a bonus for you. Since it’s not going to be used for camping or any situation that requires immediate help, you may not need to look for the SOS facility in particular. But when you get this feature without much extra cost you can go for it.

How to light up a canopy tent?

The best option to light up a canopy tent is by using strip lights. There are lights with the easy installation like portable mini flashlights where you can simply hook the light to the canopy frame. However, strip lights give you better control (using the frequency-based remote control) so you can operate the lights from anywhere near the canopy tent (100 meters surroundings). Moreover, you get better brightness and control over the brightness of the light (from 10 – 100 scale) using brightness settings. If you need dimmer lights in the night when you’re sleeping, you can reduce the brightness level. Overall, we recommend strip light for the canopy tent. But any of the above light will work with the canopy tent.

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