Ozark Trail 13×13 Canopy Review – Is It Among The Best?

Ozark Trail 13x13 Canopy Review

This product is filled with many features. In this Ozark Trail 13×13 Instant Canopy reviews we will be covering only the best features. You may see other features here.

When it comes to the outdoor market, Ozark Trail is a well-known and popular brand. And, it is not without reason.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this Ozark Trail 13×13 Instant Canopy Review to understand what makes it stand out from its rivals and why it should be on the top of your list.

Ozark Trail 13×13 Canopy Review

Ozark Trail 13×13 Canopy Review

This canopy is filled with many features that make it a competitive and unique product. Ozark Trail offers a canopy with features that other products simply don’t have. The following is a quick overview of some of the features offered.


The Ozark Trail Instant Canopy is constructed out of heavy-duty and dependable materials. The canopy is made out of heavy-duty polyester. The accordion frame is made out of powder-coated steel.

It is of course entirely waterproof, so you do not have to worry about getting yourself or anything you store under it wet while it is up in use.

This model comes in two colors; either cool gray which is slightly silver or brown and camo. There are no differences between the two, so it is entirely up to you what color you choose.

If anything happens to the canopy, it includes a 6-month warranty, so you can replace any parts that are damaged.


At the 169 square feet of shade this canopy offers, it is big enough to accommodate large groups, perfect for your friends and family. It can also accommodate up to 2 picnic tables; so you can sit outside in the weather for longer and have everyone be comfortable.

Many canopies struggle with finding a balance between size and dependable use. With a center height of 114 inches, this canopy by Ozark Trails offers, none of your friends or family will have to crouch or be aware of the ceiling. With a spacious size, it is perfect for accommodating people on the taller side and a big group.

Includes Extras

The canopy includes a wheeled carrying bag, so you don’t even have to carry it when you are on the go. The measurements would be 48″X9″ X9″. You can pull to the campsite, festival, fair, or one of the numerous other events you might use it for.

The package also includes eight lightweight stakes and built-in guy lines with tensioners, so you do not need a taught line hitch or any knots to keep it locked in place. Another draw that is included in the mesh pocket it comes with that is perfect for storing small items. With its pagoda-style canopy, this model includes a large four-sided ceiling vent for extra circulation.

Easy to Put Up

One of the biggest features of this product is how easy it is to set up. The canopy is ready for use as soon as you remove it from the box. It can be set up in less than 3 minutes.

Although it can be managed to be put up with one person, it best with two people. If you do want to do by yourself, it will take slightly longer. All you have to do is simply extend the one-piece steel frame and attach the canopy top and vent. Then, you adjust the legs and you are all set to go. This model offers pinch-free buttons, which makes the setup and adjustments for the height of the legs quick and easy. And when you are finished with it, you can store in the wheeled carry bag that is included.

Can be Used Anywhere

The Ozark Trail Instant Canopy has a durable telescoping 3-position steel frame and feet that can be used on both concrete and dirt. This means you can bring it to a variety of functions. From tailgating with your friends at a sports game to camping on the weekends to bringing it to your favorite festivals in the summer, it can truly be used anywhere. Simply find a space you like and you can set it up and be ready to go in minutes.


1. Cheaper than competing products.
2. Easy push-button system for safe setup and takedown.
3. Oversized pagoda-style canopy with a four side ceiling vent for extra circulation.
4. Mesh pocket for storing small items.
5. Includes a wheeled carrying bag to transport.
6. Offers 50+ UV protection.
7. Weighs only 39.64 pounds.
8. Has a center height of 114 inches.
9. Includes 6-month limited warranty.


1. Needs two people to set up.
2. Material fades.
3. Canopy cover is thin.
4. Difficult to put up by yourself.
5. Requires a larger space for use.

Final Verdict

According to users, it is the perfect canopy for tailgating, but it is perfect for weekend camping trips as well. Or even just to use in your backyard. This is a dependable product built to last as demonstrated by actual users. Customers that purchase this canopy don’t want anything else. If something happens, they will replace it with the same exact model that they currently have.

From being easy to set up to its larger size perfect for a weekend with friends, at the price it’s at by being cheaper than competing products, it deserves your consideration.

If you are looking for a superior and long-lasting canopy, this model from Ozark Trail should be your next choice. It is noticeably cheaper than competitors, while still offering a quality product that can withstand the remote wilderness and 50 MPH winds and heavy rain.

It is the best value for your money. Even if you do not enjoy it as much as you thought you would or something unimaginable happens, it includes a 6-month limited warranty for a replacement. You will be enjoying the shade in no time.

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