Punchau Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

Punchau Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

The first look of the Punchau canopy tent looks very similar to all other canopy tents in the market. However, there are so many areas you need to inspect alongside big canopy brands like Eurmax, ABCCANOPY, E-Z Up, etc. In this Punchau canopy tent review, we will inspect all the aspects that must be considered before buying a canopy tent.

Punchau Canopy Tent Features

  • The frames are height adjustable at three levels (65″, 69″, and 73″.)
  • The tent fabric is UV coated and waterproof
  • Installation is easy and can be done in a few minutes
  • It comes with a bag, installation guide, and stakes
  • Has a one-year warranty (If you register online for free you can extend the warranty to two years). Check the latest price of Amazon Here.

Punchau Canopy Tent Built Quality

The most important aspect of a canopy tent is its construction. There are two parts to inspect; the frame quality and the fabric quality.

Frame Quality

Punchau canopy comes with a steel frame. The frame is coated with powder to prevent rust. The steel frame is of-course superior to the aluminum frame. But, these days, almost all the canopy tent comes with a powder-coated steel frame. So, you cant say that as an advantage compared to its rivals. 

But, the main thing you’ve to see in this is the strength of the frame. The frame strength matters since it is the main thing that holds the whole canopy tent. And it determines whether the tent is going to withstand harsh wind and rain. If the frame is not sturdy enough during the rainy season the water built up on the top can collapse the tent. Intense wind can easily break the frame if the quality is not good.

The Punchau canopy frame is very thin. The fragile-looking frames can break if it is exposed to harsh weather. Our Punchau canopy frame is bent after a few days of use (Even without rain and wind). That shows how feeble the frame is. We would not recommend Punchau for any environment with wind and rain. We don’t think it has any chance to survive in harsh weather. 

Fabric Quality

The Punchau canopy is made with 420D Oxford Polyester fabric. D is an abbreviation for Denier. Denier is a measure of fiber thickness. The larger the number denotes the thicker fiber. Eurmax and ABCCABOPY come with 500D Polyester fabric. In this case, the fabric material used in the Punchau is inferior to the other two canopies. Since it comes with 420D there is more possibility for wear and tear of the canopy fabric after a few uses.

Moreover, most of the canopy brands use fire retardant fabric materials along with UV resistance. The fire retardant materials should meet NFPA-701 certification and CPAI-84 that comply with state fire marshal certifications. Punchau uses UV resistance fabric materials but we doubt it is fire retardant since it has not been mentioned anywhere.

The stitching of the canopy tent is also poor. And stitching lines should be seam-sealed to prevent water penetrate inside the canopy tent. Punchau does not give you a double-coated strong stitch and seam-sealing to prevent water from getting inside the tent.

The overall built quality looks inferior to many of the canopy tents in the market. Punchau may think of improving the quality of its canopy tent in the future. But as of now, the built quality of the canopy tent is not up to the mark. Since the materials used in the Punchau are not so good, the price tag of the canopy tent is also low compared to its rivals.


Punchau Canopy Tent Review

You don’t need any tools to set up/down this canopy tent. Punchau can be set-up quickly (takes around 4 minutes). From our experience, we felt one person is not sufficient to put up this tent. It is easy but you need a helping hand to pop up this canopy tent. However, putting down the tent is easy by using the red release button which releases the frame lock and puts the canopy down in seconds. 

Adjustable Height Settings

Punchau features 3 adjustable height settings at 65″, 69″, and 73″. Moreover, there’s no crossbar in the middle of the canopy to get in the way of tall users. This can be positive from one side but the downside is, the stability of the canopy tent can be reduced if there is no crossbar.

Inadequate instructions

Inadequate instruction is a big drawback for this canopy tent. The website doesn’t have contents (at present), FAQ’s to help you know more about the canopy tent. There is no user manual in Amazon (at present) as well as on their website. Few helping videos, not much third-party help, so the risk is totally on you. Since there are no instructions, any problems or questions associated with the canopy tent is hard to solve.

Doesn’t sell the sidewalls (and other accessories) separately

In case by accident, you damage any of the sidewalls, you won’t be able to replace it since the company doesn’t sell the sidewalls separately. Any products associated with the canopy tent is not available to purchase separately. You’ve to replace the whole canopy tent if damaged. It feels like a use-and-throw canopy tent which is not good for long-term use. 


One good aspect of this canopy tent is the warranty. This Pop Up Canopy Tent comes with an automatic 1-year warranty. You can also register online for a free two-year warranty. If the canopy tent has any manufacturing defects it will cover for a year at least.

Should I Buy Punchau canopy tent?

If the price tag is what attracts you, then you can give it a try. The set-up is also fairly easy, and the two-year manufacturer warranty is attractive. It comes with a storage bag that makes portability easy. Check the latest price on Amazone here.

But, if you’re someone who haunts for the quality then you may consider Eurmax canopy tent. It is one of the best canopy tents in the market at present. You can also read our review of the Eurmax canopy tent here

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