What Color Canopy Tent Is Best? Brighter Or Darker?

What Color Canopy Tent Is Best

Ideally, what color canopy tent is best for me? To get a better perspective on this question we need to add a little modification to the question itself. Before that, you need to ask yourself why canopy color matters for you? Are you looking to have a cooler shade on a hot summer? Or do you want to attract customers to your brand? Based on your need the answer to this question will vary. Anyway, we will try to answer both your questions in this article.

Is a darker color canopy tent absorbs more heat than a lighter color canopy tent? If I go for a darker color canopy tent, will it cook me up in the scorching sun? 

We’re all encouraged to get a white canopy tent in summer since white color [bright color] is supposed to keep us cool — but it doesn’t. In fact, a black canopy tent [darker color] is equally good to keep you cool in the heat. That is the very reason Bedouins wear black robes in hot deserts. Many studies have shown us that black color [dark colors] protects you from the UV rays better than the white [bright colors] does. What we found the precise answer to the question is, it’s not just white or black it is the combination of both keeps us cool. Let us check the science and logic behind it.

Is a black canopy hotter than a white canopy tent?


People claim that a white canopy tent is an ideal way to keep cool in the summer. Bright colors have a high light reflection. This means that white fabrics reflect a lot of wavelengths of energy coming in. So, it should reflect the sun’s rays, and keeps us cool underneath the canopy tent. And that’s absolutely correct.

Except that this story is incomplete. Heat or energy is not just coming from the sun. It’s also coming from people underneath the tent. When all the peoples’ heat hits the brighter side of the canopy tent it gets reflected. White doesn’t absorb the heat energy it reflects it. When we go for a white canopy tent, we cook ourselves since all our body heat [including the objects around you] hits the canopy tent and reflects it. So black looks ideal from this perspective. So, is that mean the black canopy tent is coolest?

What color canopy is the coolest?

Have a white color top [bright colors] and black color bottom [dark colors] for your canopy tent. The bright color on the exterior of the canopy tent reflects the sun. It helps keep the heat under control even in the warmest conditions. The dark color underneath the canopy prevents UV rays from getting through, giving you a cool shade. And the dark bottom also absorbs all the heat from people and objects underneath it. Using this combination for your outdoor canopy is the best way to block ultraviolet rays and humidity to give an area of comfort.

So, what is the best color for a sunshade?

It’s not just white or black, that is the reason we have mentioned it a dark color or bright color in general. The color is of your choice. Just make sure to go with the right combination. And the same idea applies to your business as well. For example…

Yellow indicates success [bright color] – You can have a yellow top.

Dark red attracts attention [dark color] – You can have dark red at the bottom.

Just play with the colors to choose the one that fits your needs. If you need to attract more customers, go for attractive bright colors on top and attention-grabbing dark colors on the bottom of your canopy tent. This article on color psychology can help you choose the right color for your brand.

One thing’s for sure: It’s going to be colorful and cool! 

NOTE: These days almost all the canopy brands offer customization. Pre-order the canopy tent with the color of your choice.

What if I want a single color canopy tent? Darker or Brighter?

Actually, over the years of our personal experience, by far the darker colors are way cooler. We personally had a dark-maroon-colored canopy tent that lasted for years and we believe was the coolest. So, physics apart, if you want to choose a single color canopy tent you may go with a darker shade canopy tent which is cooler. Moreover, bright colors have some issues, especially during our trade shows.

Issues you may face with the bright colored canopy tent 

One real issue we face with the light color canopy tent is, it gets dirty way too fast! Just after using it for a day, you may need to wash it for the next show. Moreover, some stains in the canopy fabric don’t go at all even after washing it using detergent. It takes a lot of time and effort especially to clean the top fabric. But the good side is, it doesn’t fade fast. 

What color canopy tent fade faster in sunlight?

Dark red, navy blue, dark brown, dark green, and black will fade faster because they are more profound into the color spectrum than white or other lighter colors. Always have a bright top for your canopy tent since it is prone to more sunlight. And it also doesn’t fade quickly. Having a dark color bottom won’t fade easily since it is not directly hit by the sun rays. So your canopy tent looks brand new even after a long term use. Fading is not going to be an issue.

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