What Is An Easy Up Tent?

What Is An Easy Up Tent?

What is an easy up tent? An easy-up tent, also popularly known as EZ-Up according to the company, is a pop-up canopy tent. As the name suggests, it is a canopy tent that can be easily be put up/down within 30 seconds.

The tent can be put up in easy three steps.

  1. Remove the shelter from its bag
  2. Adjusting the frames and expand the tent completely
  3. Lift to adjacent outer legs off the ground, slide the lower legs down until toggle buttons locks.

That is all it takes to erect this canopy tent. Since the tent is very easy and quick to put up/down, the canopy tent is called an easy-up canopy tent or EZ-Up canopy tent. 

NOTE: The first time setup takes more time since the top fabric to be bolted on to the frame. Once the top is attached to the frames the future setup can be done in a few seconds.

Who should buy the EZ-Up canopy tent?

The EZ-Up is a popular canopy tent used in the farmers market, art shows, craft shows, sporting events, beaches, even in backyard parties. 

This canopy tent is more suitable for business people (for any shows, outdoor events or brandings, etc.) and even for your backyard to enjoy the shade with your family.

In other words, EZ up tent is up for fun, up for the family, and up for everything.

How much does an EZ-Up canopy tent costs?

The cost for the easy up tent differs based on the purpose. There are so many variations available in the EZ up, and they are categorized below.


  • Fun In The Sun
  • Branding and Promotions
  • Team and Sports
  • Community Events
  • Industrial and Utility
  • Government and Military

For each of the above categories, you may find different canopy tents. Hence, there is no fixed price you can mention for an EZ Up tent.

Generally, while comparing with its rivals EZ up tents are very competitive in their price without sacrificing much in the quality. It is cheaper than many of its rivals.

You may check the latest price of the easy up canopy tent on Amazon here.

The materials used in the EZ-Up canopy tent

You have to see two things when we talk about material quality.

  1. The frame material
  2. The fabric material

The frame material

In the early days, the frame is made of aluminum and in recent days E-Z UP canopy tents feature white powder-coated rust-resistant steel frame. 

The steel frames are strong and durable compared to the aluminum frames. Steel can be prone to rust hence it is powder-coated to prevent rust. But the steel frames are heavier than the aluminum frames.  

The fabric material

The fabric is reinforced polyester material that meets the CPAI-84 fire-resistant requirement. It protects you from 99% of UV rays. It is also waterproof.

NOTE: Any materials that are exposed to the fire or any flame source continuously can burn. EZ up fabric is fire retardant but don’t expose the material directly to any flammable sources.

Most of the canopy tent in the market uses the same fabric top and frames materials. The question is how strong and durable the material is. The sad part of the EZ up canopy tent is the quality of the frames and the top is inferior to some canopy tents in the market. They are very much focused on the lightweight, hence, they are forced to reduce the fabric weight and the frame weight. That might play a prominent role in the quality issue.

Moreover, since the tent is very light in weight, it is one of the canopy tents which is affected (broken or collapsed) by the wind often. The steel frames and the fabric can wear and tear if it is exposed to intense wind and rain. However, it is very good during the sunny season. You have to consider the weather in your geographical location before opting for this canopy tent.

EZ- Up care and maintenance

For long-lasting protection for the EZ-up canopy tent, you need to follow the maintenance steps below.

  • Clean the fabric using mild soap (non-detergent) and use plenty of water to wash the soap cleanly. 
  • Make sure the fabric is dried well before folding it. It helps to prevent mildew.
  • The frames are rust-resistant and long-lasting. To protect it from all weather conditions, you may use silicon spray and wipe it out often. It is crucial to use silicon spray, especially when you use the tent in a damp condition. Clean the excess silicon spray residue before using the top fabric.
  • Most of the canopy tent may leak after using it for some time. You may use a seam sealer if you see water leaks on the top fabric. Seam sealer is available in almost all the sports shops.
  • The frames may get looser with the use. So check out the bolts in the frames often and tighten it before using it.

What are the sizes and colors available in the EZ-up tent?

EZ up covers all the sizes and colors. It starts at 8′ X 8′ to 16′ x 16′. The ideal size for personal or business use is 10′ x 10′. In case you would like to use this tent for parties then you may choose the highest possible sizes.

EZ up offers a wide range of colors but white is the best choice. In most of the trade shows, farmers’ markets, and craft shows, they don’t allow different colored canopy tents. You must have a white-colored canopy tent. We have no idea why they are so picky, but that is how it is. So white could be a safe choice.

EZ up offers customization with the colors and printings. In case you would like to represent your brand, you may go for custom colors and printings (words of your choice).

Is an easy up tent worth it?

It depends. If you’re someone who haunts for a durable and long-lasting canopy tent, we would suggest you go through this Eurmax canopy review before making any choice. It is all about your preference. Some look for quick put up/down and some look for solid frames and fabric. Based on your requirement the choice may differ.

Easy up as the name suggest is good for quick set up. It is cheaper compared to its rivals and offers an acceptable quality canopy tent. You may check the price and reviews on Amazon before making up your mind.

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